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It's not as simple to answer as you might think.

I've been professionally engineering JavaScript and Node.js software for several years. JavaScript is superb once you become an expert in it. The ease and speed with which you can produce complex pieces of Web (and non-Web) software is fantastic.

It is not the result of chance why JavaScript is used from the front-end to the middleware to the back-end and on the edge. JavaScript is literally EVERYWHERE even in space (look it up).

Let me say that you can only focus on JavaScript for the rest of your life and…

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This article is for JavaScript engineers who don’t come from a computer science background. It also assumes you are not familiar with other languages like Java or C#.

It’s a friendly introduction to get familiar with the terminology and concepts and their implementations using JavaScript.

Don’t stress over understanding everything in one reading, it takes time to grasp the mental models behind most of this stuff. The purpose is to plant a seed in your brain and later dive deeper on your own.


Big O notation

  • used to get a general approximation of the complexity of an algorithm
  • check the following site…

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Think of SQL (Structured Query Language) as asking questions to a database (how many, what is the, etc.)

This article will be a brain dump on how to use the PostgreSQL relational database management system (RDBMS).

The focus will be on key and advanced concepts about the SQL standard language and how it is used in PostgreSQL.

We will use PgAdmin as a dashboard to make SQL queries. It is exactly the same queries that you will be executed in your Node.js applications (with the help of an object relational mapping [ORM}module like TypeORM for TypeScript afficionados).

Installing PostgreSQL (PG) on Ubuntu

sudo apt install…

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Ever wanted to lock the version of Node.js used to run your project ?

Ever wanted to automatically switch to the correct version of Node.js when moving to another project ?

In this brief article, I will show you one solution I found to achieve this.

This is mainly for development purposes if you do not use Docker containers.

Using NVM with AVN

The purpose is to automatically switch to the required version of Node.js each time you enter a project folder in the terminal.

To achieve this easily, you will need:

  • NVM (Node.js Version Manager)
  • AVN (Automatic Version Switching for Node.js)


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Do you want to be more than just another Node.js developer? (although being one is a great position these days)

Do you want to get a detailed high-level understanding of AWS services and get a certification from the most valuable company on Earth?

Do you want to leverage your existing AWS experience?

In this article, you will get all you need to start and pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification.

This is a foundational certification that tests your understanding of AWS services offering and the problems they solve.

It does not go into great details about each service…

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Note: I am not the author of this article, this is a repost to propagate useful information in these times of crisis. I have kept the original author affiliate links so he can be compensated for his work. This article is not monetized. I just added audio.

With the news of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) sweeping the globe, it’s hard not to get caught up in the worry.

With the virus now confirmed in many countries around the world, more and more people are growing worried and wondering how to protect themselves. However, it is important to remember not…

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Do you want to be more than just another Node.js developer ? Do you want to grow as a developer ?

Are you a Node developer who wants to finally dive into the cloud and not let others do it ?

Do you want to scale your Node.js apps / services using the AWS cloud services ?

Join me on this journey to become well versed in AWS (which will help you on other clouds) and eventually become a certified AWS developer.

These will be concise but thorough dives into the major AWS services useful to back-end developers. …

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Ever wanted to use for loops on plain JavaScript objects ?

Are you like too many JavaScript developers and not using / knowing about generators ?

Still confused about generators and their use ?

Okay, let’s change that and make you understand what generators are and how they can be used. Spoilers: it’s not that difficult.

But why where generators created ?

Basically, they serve as a common interface to iterate over any kind of structure in the language. As long as an object implements this interface, you will be able to use the for…of loop, the spread operator, etc.

Your first generator

Before talking about generators, we…

Course available @

Node Install with NVM

Project Setup

Handling HTTP requests

Modularizing code and ES6 modules with ESM

Testing Node.js Server with Supertest

Deploying an application on Heroku

Specifying the API

Implementing routes

Querying the API using test data

Content negotiation

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JavaScript is Awesome!

This article will be your thorough guide to most of the added features in JavaScript since the revolutionary ES6 / ES2015 version that modernized the language.

So relax and enjoy.

Feel free to share if you find it useful. Thanks.

Keeping up with JavaScript features is essential in order to write clean code and to understand modern libraries and design patterns.

This article will be kept up to date with the upcoming standardized features. This knowledge will be useful on the frontend, backend (server, database, etc.), desktop, mobile…basically everywhere.

Overview of Added Features Since ES2015


  • let and const
  • Arrow Functions
  • Classes
  • Default parameters
  • Template Literals

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